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Some of my faves.
Welcome to Santa Cruz Island!I was shooting the orange dragonfly when the blue one just appeared in the shot.See more dragonfly photos: http://www.kimmichaels.com/Animals/InsectsMale Annas HummingbirdOh those beautiful blue eyes!Pedestrian With Beverage CrossingI photographed this squirrel as she carried three of her young to a new location.View more baby transport photos: http://www.kimmichaels.com/Animals/Squirrels/Baby-Squirrel-TransportChopper the iguana, with her pink manicure.Racing into the Sunset.      See more race photos: http://www.kimmichaels.com/Sports/Mountain-Bike-RacingThe Final Race of the Season.   See more race photos: http://www.kimmichaels.com/Sports/Mountain-Bike-RacingStrike a PoseRC Car FunIn One End And Out The OtherOut For An Evening SkimRed-tailed Hawk Taking OffA three shot series of a Mullet jumping out of the water.American Avocet Chick Yawnng